TradePlus S&P New China Tracker

Opening doors to investment opportunities within the New China Economy

The TradePlus S&P New China Tracker ("Fund") is an equity exchange-traded fund that is designed to provide investors a convenient access to Chinese listed companies within the consumption and service-oriented industries. The Fund closely tracks the performance of the S&P New China Sectors Ex A-Shares Index; in which units are tradeable on Bursa Malaysia Securities.

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The Indicative Optimised Portfolio Value (IOPV) for the Fund is now available on the Bursa website.

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Key highlights

An easy access to New China opportunities

An easy access to New China opportunities

Participate in the growth of New China sectors that have emerged from China’s transition to become a consumption-focused economy. These sectors are starting to show dominance in its contribution towards economic growth, and have gained notable traction.

>Gain exposure to familiar names

Gain exposure to familiar names and more - all in a single trade

One transaction is all it takes! The Fund facilitates an efficient way for you to access an extensive portfolio of New China stocks, which are spread across varying sectors.

Participate in your preferred currency

Participate in your preferred currency

You may subscribe to the Fund in HKD via Participating Dealer(s), or trade in USD and MYR through Bursa Malaysia Securities.

Affordable entry

Affordable entry

Through an exchange-traded fund structure, you can now access opportunities at a lower entry level of just 100 units through Bursa Malaysia Securities.

Regular review of index

Regular review of index

The referenced index is rebalanced semi-annually, with a 10.0% cap on individual names to mitigate concentration risk.

How to invest?

Trading on Bursa Securities
Trading Currency US Dollar (USD) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Minimum Trading Units 100 100
Stock Code 0829EB 0829EA
ISIN Code MYL0829EB009 MYL0829EA001
Bloomberg Ticker CHNUSD MK CHNMYR MK
Investing through Participating Dealer(s)
Creation/ Redemption Currency Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Methods for Creation/ Redemption of Units 1) Creation of Units
  • Cash creation
  • In-Kind creation
2) Redemption of Units
  • Cash redemption
  • In-Kind redemption
Minimum Creation/ Redemption Basket 500,000 units

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to provide investment results that closely correspond to the performance of the Benchmark.

Investment Strategy

The Fund is a passively managed fund. The Manager intends to primarily use a full replication strategy to track the performance of the Benchmark.

Fund Facts

Listing Date 28 January 2019
Fund Launch Date 15 January 2019
Fund Category Equity exchange-traded fund
Fund Type Index tracking fund
Investor Profile The Fund is suitable for investors who:
  • seek exposure to Chinese listed companies in the consumption and service-oriented industries; and
  • have a high risk tolerance level.
Asset Allocation
  • A minimum of 70% of the Fund’s NAV is to be invested in Authorised Securities;
  • a maximum of 20% of the Fund’s NAV is to be invested in derivatives and/or collective investment schemes; and
  • the remaining balance of the Fund’s NAV is to be invested in money market instruments and/or deposits.
Specific Risks
  • Equity Investment risk
  • Country risk
  • Currency risk
  • Sector-related risks
  • Concentration risk
  • Minimum redemption size
  • Tracking error risk
  • Risks related to the benchmark
  • Securities lending transaction risk
Base Currency HK Dollar (HKD)
Benchmark S&P New China Sectors Ex A-Shares Index
Financial Year End 31 December
Initial Approved Fund Size 1,000,000,000 units
Income Distribution Subject to the availability of income, the Fund will distribute income on an annual basis after the end of its first financial year.

Fees & Charges

Annual Management Fee 0.50% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund calculated and accrued daily using the Fund’s Base Currency.
Annual Trustee Fee 0.04% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund calculated and accrued daily using the Fund’s Base Currency.
Quarterly License Fee Minimum of USD10,000 p.a. or 0.05% of the average daily asset under management, whichever is higher.

Parties to the Fund

Manager Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad
Trustee TMF Trustees Malaysia Berhad
Participating Dealer(s) Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad
Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
Market Maker(s) Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad
Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
Valuation Point as at close of 30/Aug/21
Fund Stock Code Stock Short Name ISIN Code Units In Circulation
TradePlus S&P New China Tracker 0829EA CHINAETF-MYR MYL0829EA001 7,241,200
0829EB CHINAETF-USD MYL0829EB009 313,800
HKD/USD rate 0.1284
HKD/MYR rate 0.5333
Manager's Fee (% p.a.) 1 Trustee Fee
(% p.a.)
2 License Fee
(% p.a.)
NAV per Unit
NAV per Unit
NAV per Unit
S&P New China Sectors Ex A-Shares Index Level
0.50 0.04 0.0500 12.7006 1.6309 6.7732 2,280.31
Creation / Redemption Unit Block (Units) 500,000
Subscription / Redemption Amount per Creation / Redemption Unit Block (HKD) 6,350,300.00
Portfolio Holdings
SEDOL Company Name Quantity of Shares Currency Share Price
(Local Currency)
Share Price
Market Value (HKD)
B4TX8S1 AIA Group Ltd 104,100 HKD 93.85 93.85 9,769,785.00
B04KNF1 Air China Ltd 16,000 HKD 5.15 5.15 82,400.00
BLFJ7Y1 Akeso Inc 4,900 HKD 38.15 38.15 186,935.00
BK6YZP5 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 55,700 HKD 158.10 158.10 8,806,170.00
BRXVS60 Alibaba Health Information Technology 37,300 HKD 11.92 11.92 444,616.00
B1YVKN8 ANTA Sports Products Ltd 9,400 HKD 158.70 158.70 1,491,780.00
6181482 Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. 18,000 HKD 7.23 7.23 130,140.00
6536651 BYD Co Ltd 5,400 HKD 261.20 261.20 1,410,480.00
B29SHS5 BYD Electronic (International) Co. Ltd. 5,200 HKD 33.45 33.45 173,940.00
BK0SBL1 China Feihe Ltd 26,500 HKD 13.76 13.76 364,640.00
6718976 China Life Insurance Co Ltd 63,300 HKD 12.98 12.98 821,634.00
BYP71J9 China Literature Ltd 2,700 HKD 63.60 63.60 171,720.00
B4Q2TX3 China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd. - H Shares 25,200 HKD 16.26 16.26 409,752.00
B6WY993 China Medical System Holdings 10,800 HKD 15.58 15.58 168,264.00
BH0VXF7 China MeiDong Auto Holdings Ltd 3,400 HKD 38.70 38.70 131,580.00
B01B1L9 China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd 22,500 HKD 46.20 46.20 1,039,500.00
B2Q5H56 China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd H Shares 25,200 HKD 21.70 21.70 546,840.00
6972459 China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co Ltd 10,000 HKD 62.45 62.45 624,500.00
6013693 China Southern Airlines Co Ltd H Shares 12,600 HKD 4.42 4.42 55,692.00
6264048 China Taiping Insurance Holdin 12,300 HKD 11.34 11.34 139,482.00
BFZ2PK0 China Tower Corporation Limited 380,100 HKD 1.02 1.02 387,702.00
BMVHXD7 China Youzan Ltd 125,500 HKD 0.81 0.81 101,655.00
BC9S4J5 Chinasoft International Ltd. 15,000 HKD 13.30 13.30 199,500.00
B4R39F7 Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd 17,000 HKD 14.76 14.76 250,920.00
BDQZP48 Country Garden Services Holdings Company Ltd 14,000 HKD 59.90 59.90 838,600.00
6191997 CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd 73,640 HKD 9.88 9.88 727,563.20
BYYJDM3 China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Limited 22,000 HKD 6.04 6.04 132,880.00
BWGCFG4 FuYao Glass Industry Group Co Ltd- H Share 4,900 HKD 48.15 48.15 235,935.00
6465874 Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd 17,600 HKD 50.25 50.25 884,400.00
BMG40P4 GDS Holdings Ltd. Class A 7,600 HKD 51.50 51.50 391,400.00
6531827 Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd 43,300 HKD 26.85 26.85 1,162,605.00
BD9Q2J2 Genscript Biotech Corp 8,000 HKD 37.35 37.35 298,800.00
6718255 Great Wall Motor Co Ltd 23,600 HKD 35.80 35.80 844,880.00
BD20C13 Greentown Service Group Co Ltd 13,800 HKD 8.52 8.52 117,576.00
B433995 Guangzhou Automobile Group Co 21,200 HKD 7.94 7.94 168,328.00
BGN9715 Haidilao International Holding Ltd. 7,000 HKD 29.35 29.35 205,450.00
BLD4QD0 Haier Smart Home Co Ltd - H Shares 19,400 HKD 28.40 28.40 550,960.00
BMZC7F8 Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co Ltd - H Shares 1,000 HKD 137.60 137.60 137,600.00
BJYKB72 Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd 9,200 HKD 21.15 21.15 194,580.00
6136233 Hengan International Group Co 5,300 HKD 44.00 44.00 233,200.00
B4TXDZ3 HKT Trust & HKT Ltd 30,200 HKD 10.42 10.42 314,684.00
BMX09H0 Hygeia Healthcare Holdings Co Ltd 1,700 HKD 59.75 59.75 101,575.00
BGR6KX5 Innovent Biologics Inc 7,500 HKD 61.40 61.40 460,500.00
BNMBPD9 JD Logistics Inc 7,100 HKD 33.10 33.10 235,010.00
BKPQZT6, Inc. Class A 15,550 HKD 298.20 298.20 4,637,010.00
BJ9JY53 Jinxin Fertility Group Ltd 10,300 HKD 12.24 12.24 126,072.00
BKL9QV8 JS Global Lifestyle Co Ltd 8,000 HKD 19.56 19.56 156,480.00
6327587 Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd. 22,700 HKD 27.45 27.45 623,115.00
B27WRM3 Kingsoft Corporation Ltd. 7,800 HKD 28.35 28.35 221,130.00
BLC90T0 Kuaishou Technology Class B 6,700 HKD 77.80 77.80 521,260.00
B01JCK9 Li Ning Co Ltd 17,200 HKD 101.30 101.30 1,742,360.00
B58YWF7 Man Wah Holdings Ltd. 10,600 HKD 15.12 15.12 160,272.00
BGJW376 Meituan Dianping 35,100 HKD 228.20 228.20 8,009,820.00
B676TW7 Microport Scientific Corp 5,200 HKD 48.25 48.25 250,900.00
BMC5QM0 Ming Yuan Cloud Group Holdings Ltd 4,700 HKD 25.55 25.55 120,085.00
B0RJCG9 Minth Group Ltd 4,000 HKD 32.55 32.55 130,200.00
6290054 MTR Corp Ltd 12,500 HKD 44.10 44.10 551,250.00
BM93SF4 NetEase, Inc 18,100 HKD 144.50 144.50 2,615,450.00
B5730Z1 New China Life Insurance Co Ltd 6,800 HKD 22.65 22.65 154,020.00
BN4MKV3 New Oriental Education & Technology 16,400 HKD 15.80 15.80 259,120.00
BMGWW30 Nongfu Spring Co Ltd - H Shares 13,700 HKD 39.90 39.90 546,630.00
B8RZJZ1 People's Insurance Co Group 64,300 HKD 2.42 2.42 155,606.00
BK72QD3 Pharmaron Beijing Co Ltd - H Shares 1,100 HKD 172.50 172.50 189,750.00
6706250 PICC Property & Casualty Co Ltd 55,700 HKD 6.89 6.89 383,773.00
BDRYVB3 Ping An Healthcare and Technology Comp Ltd 4,900 HKD 56.20 56.20 275,380.00
B01FLR7 Ping An Insurance (Group) Co of China Ltd H Shares 47,500 HKD 62.80 62.80 2,983,000.00
B5B23W2 Sands China Ltd 20,400 HKD 25.20 25.20 514,080.00
6742340 Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co. Ltd. - H Shares 18,400 HKD 13.10 13.10 241,040.00
B8XBQ96 Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical 4,400 HKD 49.65 49.65 218,460.00
B4Q4CJ6 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holdings 7,200 HKD 15.36 15.36 110,592.00
B0MP1B0 Shenzhou International Group H Shares 6,600 HKD 163.70 163.70 1,080,420.00
B00XSF9 Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd 89,100 HKD 6.35 6.35 565,785.00
B3ZVDV0 Sinopharm Group Co Ltd 11,000 HKD 19.18 19.18 210,980.00
BKWGSQ7 Smoore International Holdings Ltd 16,300 HKD 42.25 42.25 688,675.00
BMMV2K8 Tencent Holdings Ltd 19,100 HKD 465.60 465.60 8,892,960.00
6903556 Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holdings Corp. 13,900 HKD 13.72 13.72 190,708.00
BGM5R25 Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Ltd 9,400 HKD 17.38 17.38 163,372.00
6905808 Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd 2,800 HKD 63.00 63.00 176,400.00
B2Q14Z3 Want Want China Holdings Ltd 50,900 HKD 5.28 5.28 268,752.00
BGHWHF4 Weimob Inc 14,700 HKD 10.88 10.88 159,936.00
BLLHKZ1 WH Group Ltd 71,600 HKD 6.27 6.27 448,932.00
BGHH0L6 WuXi AppTec Co Ltd - H Shares 3,100 HKD 150.60 150.60 466,860.00
BL6B9P1 Wuxi Biologics (Cayman) Inc 27,000 HKD 119.70 119.70 3,231,900.00
BD9GZX7 Yihai International Holding Ltd 3,000 HKD 40.65 40.65 121,950.00
BYZQ099 ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co Ltd - H Shares 4,300 HKD 36.20 36.20 155,660.00
B633D97 Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. 4,400 HKD 65.00 65.00 286,000.00
B04KP88 ZTE Corp 5,900 HKD 25.95 25.95 153,105.00
BH5QGR0 Autohome Inc 485 USD 41.29 321.54 155,946.98
B0FXT17 Baidu Inc 2,402 USD 153.11 1,192.32 2,863,959.73
BYYWPW6 BeiGene Ltd 324 USD 301.82 2,350.38 761,523.61
BFNLRN6 Bilibili Inc. 1,734 USD 74.15 577.43 1,001,268.60
BFMFKK7 Huazhu Group Limited ADR 1,172 USD 46.70 363.67 426,221.00
BYWT1W1 iQIYI, Inc 2,645 USD 8.70 67.75 179,198.87
BL3N3C5 Joyy Inc ADR 441 USD 61.90 482.04 212,578.62
BMX9K07 Legend Biotech Corporation - ADR 509 USD 37.92 295.30 150,306.05
BMXHCD8 Li Auto Inc.-A 1,033 USD 29.01 225.91 233,366.44
B1KYHF2 Melco Resorts & Entertainment 1,663 USD 13.08 101.86 169,391.00
BFZX9H8 NIO Inc-ADR 10,316 USD 37.78 294.21 3,035,034.52
BYVW0F7 Pinduoduo Inc ADS 2,927 USD 94.95 739.41 2,164,253.05
BMBKL76 RLX Technology Inc. Class A ADR 7,406 USD 5.12 39.87 295,286.79
B4MGD82 TAL Education Group 4,640 USD 5.03 39.17 181,750.79
BFZYWR2 Tencent Music Entertainment Group ADR-A 4,388 USD 8.50 66.19 290,453.02
BK1K3N2 Group Ltd 4,298 USD 28.60 222.72 957,244.31
B3N0H17 Vipshop Holdings Ltd 3,454 USD 14.29 111.28 384,365.95
BLLJ4H7 Weibo Corp 458 USD 48.96 381.27 174,621.31
BMXR2T4 XPeng Inc. ADR Class A 1,139 USD 40.70 316.95 361,001.06
BD9GVY0 Zai Lab Limited 607 USD 139.01 1,082.52 657,090.34
BYYDFN0 ZTO Express Cayman Inc 4,023 USD 27.65 215.32 866,234.58
Market Value of Authorised Securities (HKD) 94,826,499.82
Cash Component (HKD) 1,126,533.18
Net Asset Value (HKD) 95,953,033.00
1 Calculated based on the NAV of the Fund, accrued daily and payable monthly in the Base Currency. This fee is subject to such increase / variation as permitted by the Deed.
2 Calculated based on the average daily asset under management of the Fund during the applicable quarter and payable quarterly. Subject to a minimum of USD 10,000 per annum.
  • Portfolio Holdings - CHINAETF
Fund Documents
  • Prospectus
  • Supplemental Prospectus
  • Daily NAV & Creation/ Redemption Basket
  • Marketing Brochure
  • Monthly Factsheet
Fund Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Interim Reports
  • Notice Accompanying The Electronic Prospectus of TradePlus S&P New China Tracker


  • ETF, or exchange-traded fund is a collective investment scheme that invests in a basket of investment instruments (such as stocks, bonds, commodities, or other securities) to mirror the performance of the index that it tracks.
  • ETFs are unique as they can be traded like a common stock on the stock exchange - and also experience price changes throughout the trading day as they are bought and sold.
  • In this case, the TradePlus S&P New China Tracker mirrors the performance of the S&P New China Sectors Ex A-Shares Index; which constitutes Chinese listed companies within the consumption and service-oriented industries.
  • Passive vs. Active
    • ETFs are typically passively managed where its objective is to closely track the performance of its benchmark or its referenced index, irrespective of the outlook on the market.
    • On the other hand, Unit Trust Funds (“UTF”) are typically actively managed, where the Manager has the flexibility to shift away from its optimal asset allocation depending on the Manager’s outlook of the market.
  • Higher trading frequency
    • ETF units are traded on the stock exchange, providing investors with the opportunity to transact units at any point throughout the trading day.
    • This defers from the subscription and redemption of units within a UTF, which can only be done once a day at a specific time.
  • Low-cost investment
    • Given its passive investment style, ETFs typically have a lower cost as compared to UTFs.
    • Management fees for a typical actively managed UTF ranges from 1.00-2.00% per annum, depending on the investment asset class.
    • The passively managed ETF typically charges below 1.00% in Management fees per annum.
    • ETFs are also traded on Bursa Securities and allows investors to invest based on “number of units” as opposed to the “investment amount” used for UTFs. The current board lot size at Bursa Securities is 100 Units, whereas a typical UTF would require a minimum investment amount of MYR1,000.
  • The Fund appoints Market Makers, whose role includes ensuring liquidity for the ETF on the secondary market.
  • The Market Makers provide buy and sell quotes within a predefined spread (the difference between the buy and sell price).
  • Through its inventory, the Market Maker is also able to ensure, to the best of their ability, that there is a buyer for every sell order, and a seller for every buy order.


  • Since the 1970s, China has been liberalising its economy through various government reforms and policies, which has successfully led to its transformation to become the world’s second-largest economy today.
  • But China’s transformation is far from over. The New China marks the nation’s latest economic transition – where its investment- and export-driven economy has now shifted to become one that is reliant on domestic consumption and services.
  • The New China Economy is also a reflection of the Chinese government’s bid to identify and shape more sustainable forms of growth for its economy.
  • An opportunity to capitalise on:
    • China’s higher GDP contribution – which is seen stemming from the service, and consumption industry.
    • China’s rising income pattern – which is anchoring the shift in consumption trends.
    • China’s increased internet penetration – which is encouraging a boom in the e-commerce industry.
  • Sectors we see benefitting from this trend include: Consumer staples, Automobiles, Tourism, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Internet Services.


  • The TradePlus S&P New China Tracker (“Fund”) is an exchange-traded fund that provide investors exposure to Chinese listed companies within the consumption and service-oriented industries.
  • The Fund aims to provide investors with a performance that closely mirrors its benchmark, which is the S&P New China Sectors Ex A-Shares Index.
  • Through its ETF structure, units of the Fund can be traded on Bursa Malaysia Securities.
  • Investors would also be able to create / redeem units at a minimum creation / redemption basket of 500,000 units.
  • The Fund is a passively managed fund, and does not aim to provide an outperformance against its benchmark.
  • Instead, the Fund will aim to perform in-line with its benchmark.
  • The Fund would be fully invested into its underlying assets at all times, irrespective of the Manager’s outlook on the market.
  • The Fund will look to carry out a full replication strategy to track the performance of its benchmark – the S&P New China Sectors Ex A-Shares Index.
  • As such, the price of the Fund will move in line with the price of its benchmark given the similar underlying of the two.
  • The Manager does, however, hold the option to invest up to a maximum of 20% of the Fund’s NAV into instruments that will enable the Fund to obtain a similar exposure to the benchmark if it is not able to gain the same exposure through the equity market.
  • Fees that would be incurred by the Fund include annual management fee, annual trustee fee, and quarterly licensing fee. Click here for more details.
  • All fees are reflected on a per-annum basis, and calculated on a daily basis. The fees will be reflected in the NAV per Unit as publicly available.
  • The investment amount will be dependent on prevailing unit price and number of shares purchased.
  • Trading on Bursa Malaysia Securities will be based on a minimum of 100 units traded – transacted in either US Dollar or Malaysian Ringgit.
  • Subscription via the primary market can be done through the Participating Dealer(s); where creation / redemption of units will be carried out with a minimum block size of 500,000 units – transacted in Hong Kong Dollar.
  • The Participating Dealer assists with the facilitation of creation and redemption of Units by the investors for the Fund.
  • Investors are required to liaise with the Participating Dealer(s) for all creation and redemption transactions.
  • You may refer to the latest list of Participating Dealer(s) of the TradePlus S&P New China Tracker here.
  • Easy access at lower cost
    • Investors can access a portfolio through a single ETF trade, as opposed to multiple transactions for a portfolio of stocks.
    • Investors would also be subject to lower transaction costs due to the lesser number of transactions.
  • Access global for Malaysian investors
    • The Fund provides investors with exposure to Chinese listed companies globally, including companies listed in the US market, which trades on a different time-zone.
    • Investors would be able to gain exposure into these foreign-listed names during local trading hours.
    • Investors would also be able to gain exposure into foreign-listed names with minimal hassle, as investors have the option to trade in local currency despite the underlying investments being in multiple currencies.
  • Real-time trading
    • Investors have the flexibility to move in and out of markets throughout a Bursa trading day.
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TradePlus S&P New China Tracker

Understanding the Performance
During the period datefrom to dateto, the TradePlus S&P New China Tracker recorded an accumulative return of TotalReturns. Over the same period, the Fund’s Benchmark returned Benchmark Returns.

Note: To reflect the return in performance for the date range selected, the dates displayed on the chart may differ.

Warning Statement:
A copy of the Prospectus can be obtained at Affin Hwang Asset Management’s (“Affin Hwang AM”) dedicated website at Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Prospectus dated 15 January 2019 and Supplementary Prospectus dated 2 July 2019 for the TradePlus S&P New China Tracker before investing. There are fees and charges involved when investing in the fund stated herein. Investors are advised to consider and compare the fees and charges as well of the risks carefully before investing. Investors should make their own assessment of the risks involved in investing and should seek professional advice, where necessary. The price of units and distribution payable, if any, may go down as well as up and past performance of the fund should not be taken as indicative of its future performance. The Securities Commission Malaysia has not reviewed this material and takes no responsibility for the contents of this material and expressly disclaims all liability, however arising from this material.

Licensing Disclosure Statement & Conditions:
The "S&P New China Ex A-Shares Index" is a product of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, a division of S&P Global, or its affiliates (“SPDJI”) and has been licensed for use by Affin Hwang Asset Management Bhd. Standard & Poor’s® and S&P® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC, a division of S&P Global (“S&P”); Dow Jones® is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC (“Dow Jones”) and these trademarks have been licensed for use by SPDJI and sublicensed for certain purposes by Affin Hwang Asset Management Bhd. TradePlus S&P New China Tracker is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by SPDJI, Dow Jones, S&P, their respective affiliates and none of such parties make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in such product(s) nor do they have any liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions of the S&P New China Ex A-Shares Index.

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