The Siberian Tigers are Out to Play

Did you know that 95% of Siberian tigers inhabit the forests of Russia?  And now that we’re in the Chinese zodiac year of the Tiger, the Russian tiger seems to be looking at ways to expand their play area.

The talk of a Russian invasion into Ukraine has not abated, but instead, has intensified on a grander scale. President Putin took the first step yesterday, and the Russian troops have started making their way into Ukraine.


Global Financial Markets Spooked

Investors globally have been spooked by the uncertainties surrounding President Putin’s play, leaving global financial markets in a sea of red. Risk assets have been seen reeling from a sell-off as investors hide in safe haven assets while awaiting for the tide to calm.

Since the start of this year till 22 February, the broader US equity Index (tracked by the S&P500 index) has slumped 9.0% in MYR terms. Despite mixed to better than expected earnings results, the tech sector had suffered a major sell-off, causing the NYSE FANG Index to tumble by more than 16.0% in MYR terms.


Gold Remain Precious

When in fear, stick with Gold. So goes the believe of many.

Price of the precious metal has been soaring as investors hide is safe haven assets while facing the unknown. While the returns for the Gold ETF was hovering around 5 to 6% throughout most of February, the NAV for the ETF jumped 4% yesterday after Russia initiated its attack on Ukraine. 

This has brought the returns of the GoldETF to 10.2% in MYR terms as at yesterday's close.


TradePlus Shariah Gold Tracker - The Gold ETF

What is the Gold ETF?

  • Malaysia’s 1st, and only Shariah-compliant commodity backed ETF listed on Bursa
  • Trades under the Bursa stock code: 0828EA  
  • The ETF closed at a NAV per unit of RM 2.6260 (as at 24 February 2022)

Why Gold ETF?

  • Simplicity in Investing – Provides investors with exposure to physical Gold price through a single trade
  • A cost efficient option – Narrower bid/ask spread to provide investors a cost efficient alternative to trading Gold
  • Convenience – Hassle free investing with no need to worry about logistics, security, and storage

How to Trade?

  • ETFs trade just like stocks
  • So all you will need is a brokerage account
  • Just call your broker, or get onto their online platform – and start trading
  • Alternatively, there is the Affin Hwang Shariah Gold Tracker Fund, a unit trust fund that feeds into the Gold ETF.

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