Leveraged & Inverse Performance Simulator

TradePlus HSCEI Daily (2x) Leveraged Tracker

Understanding the Performance
During the period datefrom to dateto, the TradePlus HSCEI Daily (2x) Leveraged Tracker recorded an accumulative return of TotalReturns. Over the same period, the Underlying Index, and the Fund's Benchmark returned Index Returns, and Benchmark Returns respectively.

Note: (1) To reflect the return in performance for the date range selected, the dates displayed on the chart may differ.
(2) Due to the present Movement Control Order, the timeframe for the rebalancing of contracts has now been extended to 1-hour from the time of market close, and this may potentially lead to a wider tracking error during this period.

E-Learning Tutorial Videos
Click HERE to view the e-learning tutorial videos developed by Bursa about Leveraged & Inverse ETFs.

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